The Sleeping Beauty

    The Sleeping Beauty, by David Swan, played from 22nd-25th January 2009 at Knowle Village Hall



    King Rumbletum – Stephen Andrews
    Queen Gigglebelly – Pauline Murdoch
    Princess Beauty – Helen Roberts
    Penelope Pinchme – Richard Jones
    Cuddles – Olivia Beecraft
    Oddjob – Oliver Jones
    Bounty – Jayne Beecraft
    Smartie – Mary Reddy
    Wispa – Evelyn Cooper
    Olga Pong – Jean Hulme
    Gormless – Robert Leftwich
    Prince Handsome – Louise Pell
    Squint – Hannah Reddy

    Chorus – Chris Adderley, Linda Cooper, Lucy Hill, Kim Levis, Lauren Noakes and Beth Owen

    Rochelle School of Dance (Choreography by Debbie Green) – Gemma Grogan, Grace Davenport, Chloe Fellowes, Hannah Fellowes, Louise Lightwood, Ellie Smith, Lucy Turner and Paige Tustin


    Directed by Norma Young
    Assisted by Chris Adderley and Jane Kneebone