The Revels Drama Group - The Militants

The Militants

    The Militants by Norman Holland, played from Thursday 12 – Saturday 14 October 2016 at Knowle Village Hall

    Votes For Women! The cry has been heard for months and with an important election coming up the Suffragettes are out in force. Set in a small Lancashire town in 1908, this play chronicles the attempts of a small band of women determined to win the right to vote. They intend to make their presence felt, but will they succeed against the odds?


    Nelly Brown – Chris Adderley
    Minnie – Christine Gough
    Alderman Josiah Malin – Stephen Shipley
    Richard Ward – James Spittle
    Reuben Randall – Dave Pinwell
    Rachel Randall – Mary Reddy
    PC Thomas Dougan – Liam Johnson
    Sophie Ormesby – Jennie Bailey
    Vivien Malin – Olivia Wynne
    Inspector Nathan Arkwright – Stephen Andrews
    Lilian Malin – Stephanie Harris
    Lady Honoria Cumberleigh – Vikki Reynolds
    Eulalia Powle – Jayne Beecraft
    ‘Captain’ Ada Leyland – Rebecca Kear
    Suffragettes – Sheila Andrews, Linda Cooper, Valerie Hamley, Deirdre MacEachern, Barbara Massey, Hannah Reddy, Denise Salmons


    The Militants


    Director – Margaret Fulford