Revellers Night 2012

Revellers Night 2012

    Revellers Night 2012 played on 13th & 14th July 2012

    Welcome to our Village Hall!

    Like many village, the Village Hall is the focal point for many events and this year we have already celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and plans are underway to mark the 2012 Olympic Games in some way!

    Join us as we meet some of the people who use the village hall throughout the week to entertain us, and inform us and those, often unsung heroes, who beaver away behind the scenes to make al this possible.


    Young Revels: Ellie Royle, Chloe Thomas, Selina Chan, Catherine Wyatt, Scott Pinwell, Jacob Lamb, Amy Fortnam, Amy Owen, Charlotte McMillan, Lauren Daccus, Rose Tinley, Rebecca Tinley, Beckie White, Jenny Langford & Jack Lawry.

    Dave Pinwell, Pauline Murdoch, James Spittle, Olivia Wynne, Stephen Andrews, Matt Barnard, Margaret Fulford, Lynne Fisher, Jane Kneebone, Jennie Bailey, Linda Cooper, Norma Young, Anthea Towler, Hannah Logue & Chris Cooper.


    Revellers Night 2012


    Devised and directed by Chris Cooper & Rachel Pinwell