Dick Whittington – January 2024

    The pantomime Dick Whittington by Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark ran from Friday 26th January to Sunday 28th January 2024 at Knowle Village Hall

    Dick has come to London to seek his fortune. When he gets a job with Alderman Fitzwarren, he thinks he’s succeeded, but villainous King Rat has other plans. Can Dick defeat that dastardly rodent and become Lord Mayor of London? And will he ever get the chance to marry Alice?  Come to Knowle Village Hall and find out!


    Dick Whittington – Alex Russell
    Alice – Amy Jolliffe
    Dame Sarah – Liz Mansell
    Alderman Fitzwarren – David Carter
    The Spirit of London– Chris Adderley
    Barrow Boy Billy– James Spittle
    Tiddles the Cat – Lucy Hulse
    King Rat – Jim Sanders
    Nip – Vicki Roberts
    Tuck – Sam Perkins
    Fletcher – Noah O’Donnell
    Carrier – Zac Spittle
    Long John Tin Foil – David Maguire
    Quartermaster Jack Sparrow – Liam Johnson
    Chorus– Linda Cooper, Valerie Duggan, Stephanie Harris, Olivia Humphries, Liv Luckman, Noah O’Donnell, Janet Thompson, Eve Winkett, Norma Young


    Christine Gough