Babes in the Wood – January 2022

    The pantomime Babes in the Wood by Long and Rawnsley ran from Friday 28th January to Sunday 30th January 2022 at Knowle Village Hall

    When 2 innocent children come to stay at Nottingham Castle, their wicked Uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham, is not best pleased.  Can the outlaw, Robin Hood, and his Merry Men protect them from his evil plans?  Join the Revels at their annual pantomime and find out!


    Robin Hood – Susi Carter
    Lady Marion – Charlotte Watts
    Nanny Nuttall – Liz Mansell
    Sheriff of Nottingham – David Carter
    Wishbone – James Spittle
    Wandering Minstrel– Stephanie Harris
    James – Zak Spittle
    Mary – Lucy Hawker
    Will Scarlet – Matthew Lakin
    Alice – Alice Glithero
    Little John – Liam Johnson
    Friar Tuck – David Maguire
    Hookline – Janet Thompson
    Sinker– Vicki Roberts
    Chorus– Scarlett Bunker, Linda Cooper, Sophie Farrell, Wanda McVicker, Barbara Massey, Noah O’Donnell, Hazel Wright, Norma Young


    Babes in the Wood


    Chris Adderley